We support enterpreneurs.

Founded by Massimiliano Valente, an italian serial entrepreneur, F2 Innovation provides founders with access to expertise and insights in technical and executive talent.
Our management team brings decades of track record in entrepreneurship and company-building.

We are committed to entrepreneurs building their companies on their terms.
Our focus is to be a partner to founders, not their bosses.

We see ourselves as part of the team of the companies in which we invest.
Our mission is to become the trusted counsel to Founders and to pursue their bold ideas with them.

F2 Innovation focuses on Seed companies, and growth stage opportunities within its own portfolio. We make investment decisions in two weeks or less.
If required F2 Innovation helps startup entrepreneurs to solve their business challenges with custom software and mobile app development.

We invest in all kinds of companies, but here are a few of the themes we care about

  • Consumer commerce
  • Ad tech
  • Online media
  • Digital transformation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • Food tech
  • Financial service

Massimiliano Valente

Founder & CEO

He founded and managed one of the most popular digital publisher in Italy, changing it from a small personal business to a listed company in the stock exchange market ...

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In F2 Innovation we believe in technology as a key factor for every company.
Our team aims to continuously improve its knowledge and skills, to be always ready to face current andfuture challenges, such as the development of Web and mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Blockchain technology.

We think about software and technological support as the foundation that allows our partners to bring their business to success.

What's in your tool box:

React React Native Angular Ionic

HTML5 SASS Webpack

Laravel Wordpress Node Mysql .net Unity Mongo DB

Python TensorFlow Ethereum

Linux Windows


Next to be added:

Spark Iota

Since 2016 F2 Innovation has invested in companies in markets ranging from ad tech to ecommerce.

We work with a dedicated portfolio of startups to take advantage of new opportunities, and go to market. Meet the companies below.

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