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F2 Innovation is focused on activating and enhancing client companies’ Customer Data via tech-objective solutions.

Our data-driven methodology empowers companies in mastering the challenges and complexities of innovation.

The complete control of Customer Data allows:

Marketing Marketing
  • Advertising spend optimization
  • Personalization of messages
  • Improvement in lead quality
Sales Sales
  • Better conversion rates
  • Time saving on repetitive activities
it & data it & data
  • Overcome third-party data collection limitations
  • Data Ownership
  • Predictive analysis


is the percentage of companies that admit that low-quality data management negatively impacts customer experience.


is the size of companies that do not have data management processes have an insufficient and outdated customer view, missing out on business opportunities.


is the range of the competitive advantage data-driven companies gain on metrics regarding customer engagement, top-line benefits, operational efficiency and cost savings.

Data Management System

Our Data Management System blends, organizes and enhances client and prospect data through the correct use of proprietary data of client companies, also enabling services aimed at optimizing sales & marketing activities and processes, CRM and customer care.

Adaptability of the Data Management System

The Data Management System is not a set of tools or software, but an agile approach to business, compatible with a wide range of corporate assets. It does not imply the adoption of additional tools or changes in the software solutions in use.

Clients & industries

fintech fintech
education - personal education - personal
iot - saas iot - saas
media - publishing media - publishing
health - beauty health - beauty

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